Conference: MMC 2015

Earlier this year I attended the Microscience Microscopy Congress (MMC) 2015 in Manchester. This is the third time I have visited Manchester Central for this conference series and it was another excellent event. My personal highlight was Dr Max Haider from CEOS GmbH, who gave a plenary talk about how he and his company have been working to overcome the problem of spherical aberration in electron microscopes. These efforts have dramatically increased the resolution available in transmission electron microscopes, and opened many avenues of research, including those that I work on.

Whilst at the conference I presented our most recent work on depositing the molecule vanadyl phthalocyanine on graphene. The poster is available to read on the Conferences page. This paper has now been accepted into Advanced Functional Materials, and an overview will be available on this website shortly after publication. With this poster, I was lucky enough to be awarded 2nd place poster prize!